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Challenge 13, My earliest memory and Gardening!

Hey there!

It’s a late one I know but I was outside ALL day it was too nice to stay indoor and plus can’t say no to a best friend date!

On with today’s challenge:

It’s a tough one I’m trying to think back to when I was younger but nothing from early on sticks most of my memories include my little brother and we’re 8 years apart so I’ll take one of those. I remember we used to spend hours doing these little puzzle (24 pieces max) but he had a bunch and we did them all at once and made a carpet of puzzles..

We don’t do much puzzles these day the little baby isn’t so little anymore he’ll be 18 in a month! I still can’t wrap my head around it. That’s my earliest memory!

My second topic of the night Gardening! I always end up wasting anything I buy so I thought why don’t I try gardening (I’m in no way an expert total beginner), I thought I go simple and plant herbs that I’ve used when cooking and post a mini DIY here.


I did it really simple I bought the pots at my local Dollar and plus store and painted them to the theme of my living room since it’s the room with the most light (I like how my curtain made the perfect back drop for the picture haha). I filled up the pot with soil and just before the top layer I added seeds. I have no idea if I added too little or too many seed. It’s really a guessing game now!

I’ll be keep you updated as time goes on

Until tomorrow!



Challenge #12 – What’s in my Fridge.

Hi there!

This coming to you live from my mini back balcony on this beautiful Saturday evening in Montreal. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for this weather.

On with what I think will be the most depressing challenge day ever, because I can count what I have in my fridge on my fingers

  • bread
  • water
  • eggs
  • milk
  • bacon
  • Red wine
  • olives
  • fruit cups

That’s it… I’m barely home with work, babysitting, soccer and moms cooking (it’s the best) that I don’t bother buying much because I end up wasting it if I dont use it right away.

That’s all I have for today, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening with my book 🙂




Challenge 11 – 15 of my favorite things!

Hey there!

Happy Friday everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their weekend. I keeping it calm tonight I feel a bit of cold coming on so I decided to stay and rest, I have my last indoor game tomorrow and I don’t want to be all stuffy for it!

The challenge today is to tell you 15 of my favorite things, lets see if I can find 15! hehe

(These probably go hand in had with the other challenge that I’ve done, so might be repetitive)

  • I love books (Romance)
  • Puppies – I mean like who doesn’t like puppies, there so flufffflllyy
  • Pixar Movies (hence the movie reference above HA)
  • Colouring Books – adult style, I have a bunch but not one is completed so far!
  • The Habs! ( I know there not a thing but still they’re my favorite)
  • Bath bombs!
  • And hot baths
  • I can honestly say going to work is one of them. Just this morning I got flowers from one of the kids ❤
  • Pinterest, I could spend hours.
  • Taking walks
  • Nice warm weather
  • Hugs!
  • TV series
  •  My CAR (It’s the newest used car I’ve ever had (Corolla 2015)
  • Writing has slowly become one on my favorite things to do!

Until next time



Soccer and Challenge #10 – My best Feature

Hi there!

Tonight was fun, after work I met up with the soccer group I play with and got my Jersey for the summer (TEAM YELLOW) name TBD haha we usually decide within a couple of games I’ll keep you posted!

I wanted to talk to talk about soccer for a bit because it’s something close to my heart.

About a year + ago I noticed I was always tired, naps after work sometime during my lunch hour (upside of working in a daycare haha) was a must. I felt foggy and couldn’t function so I made an appointment at a clinic and the results came back Anemic (Iron-deficiency) was given medication (over the counter iron pills) with a an appointment in 3 months. I started getting better check up went well and so on. Than my stomach started rejecting the pills (it is normal for some side effects) but I didn’t like mine, I couldn’t eat and it always felt that I had stomach burn. So I stopped the iron pills and changed something else. I knew I needed to move and eat better and I would be fine without the medication so I joined the sport I use to play when I was a child Soccer! Which helped I haven’t taken iron supplements in a long time.

It’s my second summer playing for this league and I don’t regret it at all, it’s a great organization and great group of women!

Now on to the challenge part, ouuff this is a tough one I never really thought of what could be my best feature. I’m going to have to say I have no idea 😦

You could ask my mom I’m sure she’ll say something nice…. I hope … haha

Until tomorrow!



Challenge 9 – My worst habits

Hi there!

I apparently just forgot that yesterday existed haha it ties in with one of my bad habits:

  • I forget, like a lot. If it isn’t written down it’s forgotten.
  • I have a habit of twirling my hair a lot I started when I was young but never grew out of it. It annoys my parents and sometimes even myself but I don’t even realize I’m doing it half of the time
  • I’m unorganized and it bothers me. I’ll spend hours organizing and in 10 mins I’ll have ruined it because I was looking for something. – It’s something I’m working on
  • I overthink all the time, it’s hard not too when you’ve been hurt before
  • I’m sort of shy. I get quiet around new people, girls take less longer for me to warm up than guys but by than I’m sure it’s too late and I comme off as a bitch.. (When I am not I just freeze up 😦 )

Thats all I can think about for that now. Ill post challenge 10 later tonight after my soccer meeting.

Outdoor season begins in 2 weeks can’t wait!



Challenge 8- what’s in my bag + Manchester bombing 

Hey there! 

So todays challengw will be short haha.  When I go to work I use a school bag and inside there’s usually my Mac, folder with activites for the children and a special coloring book they love it when they get a page from my book. I also have the basic stuff my car/apartment key, wallet, lip balm cream. When I’m not at work I sometimes use a purse inside is the same basic things along with my little makeup kit and thats it! 
I wanted to take the time to wish Manchester my deepest condolences the act of terror that happened to you yesterday is terrible and my heart goes out to all of you. 

I still don’t understand how someone can delibrately take away the lives of others espically at concert with young children and teens! 

Once again you are all in my thoughts and we will NEVER forget xo



Challenge 5, 6, 7,

Hey there,

With the craziness of trying to locate and deal with my ant problem left me an apartment to clean, and my mom started renovating her bathroom she needed our help so I spent my weekend doing just that and I was unplugged it felt good though I neglected the last 2 challenge days!

On to challenge 5: 15 Songs I love right now

  • Despacito – any version, I love this song before it became popular here
  • Stay – Zedd, Alessia Cara
  • Misunderstood – Sarah Mark
  • Rockabye- Clean Bandit
  • H.O.L.Y – Florida Georgia Line
  • Take your Time – Sam Hunt
  • Shape of You – Ed Sheeran
  • The Cure – Lady Gaga
  • It ain’t me – Kygo, Selena Gomez
  • Love me now – John Legend
  • Something like this- Chainsmoker, Coldplay
  • Young – Chainsmokers
  • Symphony – Clean Bandit, Zara Larson
  • El Amante – Nicky Jam
  • Treat you better – Shawn Mendez

That’s it for my songs these are my favorites, they change really often haha I wouldn’t be surprised if next week I could write another list.

Challenge 6 – My five Senses right now

I guess it means what I’m feeling at this moment; which is super easy because I’m looking at my Mac screen while touching the keys to type. I’m listening to the Playlist above while im smelling/tasting my coffee (loving my lazy mornings).

Having a broad topic and I could’ve wrote what I wanted and that it was something that made me actually think for a second is pretty cool! Hopefully I could get the hang of this without prompts.

Challenge 7 – My Pet hates (Pet Peeves)

  • Loud Chewing/mouth open – I can’t stand it, I don’t know if it’s because ate the table growing up my dad always told us that chewing with our mouths opens is impolite. I just can’t stand it and it’s not really polite to tell someone to close their mouths either, so I’m stuck.
  • Inconsiderate drivers – I’m by no mean an expert I haven’t big driving for more than 5 years, but after having a big accident ( my fault I didn’t see the stop and NO I wasn’t texting – lack of sleep caused it) I’ve learned to be a lot more vigilant on the road but some people don’t care. I work on Nun’s island – Quebec which unfortunately is a more privileged area and A LOT of drivers think that since they driver the latest BMW or Audi they own the road and it brings the dormant road rage in me haha.
  • This is a new one and I’m not in which category to put it, but I try to be the you don’t know the person don’t judge type and my dad always said “Do onto others as you want done onto you” and it stuck. So I was at the store picking up a couple of things to make myself supper, waiting in line to pay and there was a mother with her child maybe three or four not older, having a complete meltdown. The mother looked tired and was having none of it and was standing there waiting patiently (seriously I’m an early childhood educator and they tell us to let the child have the tantrum as long as they are not in danger of hurting themselves, my hat off to the mom leaving her child.) She wasn’t on her phone nothing simply watching her child and waiting out the meltdown and I see another lady maybe a bit older than the woman walk by and actually told her from what I remember “You spoil your child too much this is what you get.” and walks away shaking her head. The mother didn’t even have time to respond but her tired face got even more upset and tried to get her little boy up (at this point he was calm) and she came in line behind me. It bother me a lot, I see tantrums day in and day out and the fact she didn’t give in the child stop tells me he isn’t spoiled and that there could be more to the fact. I didn’t  know what to say but my dads voice was there. I noticed she only had milk and a box of something so I told the cashier to put it on my bill. She was grateful and tried to pay me back all I told her “It’s the least I can do for you after having to deal with that lady.” She went to thank me and proceeds to tell me that her son deals with sensory processing disorder and something falling from the shelf made him meltdown!

I see these types of things happening more and more and the older I get the less I can stay quiet it’s rude and judgemental unless you’ve walked in their shoes you shouldn’t say anything.. What bothers me is that lady will be the first to blame our generation for being rude and what not.


This post turned out to be my venting post, feels good!

Take care, see you tomorrow