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Challenge 13, My earliest memory and Gardening!

Hey there!

It’s a late one I know but I was outside ALL day it was too nice to stay indoor and plus can’t say no to a best friend date!

On with today’s challenge:

It’s a tough one I’m trying to think back to when I was younger but nothing from early on sticks most of my memories include my little brother and we’re 8 years apart so I’ll take one of those. I remember we used to spend hours doing these little puzzle (24 pieces max) but he had a bunch and we did them all at once and made a carpet of puzzles..

We don’t do much puzzles these day the little baby isn’t so little anymore he’ll be 18 in a month! I still can’t wrap my head around it. That’s my earliest memory!

My second topic of the night Gardening! I always end up wasting anything I buy so I thought why don’t I try gardening (I’m in no way an expert total beginner), I thought I go simple and plant herbs that I’ve used when cooking and post a mini DIY here.


I did it really simple I bought the pots at my local Dollar and plus store and painted them to the theme of my living room since it’s the room with the most light (I like how my curtain made the perfect back drop for the picture haha). I filled up the pot with soil and just before the top layer I added seeds. I have no idea if I added too little or too many seed. It’s really a guessing game now!

I’ll be keep you updated as time goes on

Until tomorrow!



First DIY: Reasons why I love you box

Hey there!

I know I’m doing the challenge but the whole reason why I started this blog was to be able to show you things that I’ve made and enjoy so here is the first one!

Mother’s Day came and went this past weekend and this year I’m on a tight budget, I figured why not be a little different and make her a gift, so I made her a box with 50 reasons why I loved her. She loved it! I’m going to outline how I made this simple and priceless gift that YOU can make for anyone you love without breaking the bank. Feel free to change it up this is just a guideline to help you.

Pictures down below!

First off – Materials:

  • Plain Wooden box – I bought mine at the dollar and more store for 4$
  • Acrylic Paints (you choose the colors)
  • Brushes
  • Markers
  • String or Ribbons
  • Paper
  • Varnish ( local art supply store)


First thing I did was I printed out the word “mom” to put on top of the box because little secret: printing is not my strong suit. I simply traced it and then painted the box. There are countless ideas that you can do with the box I tried to reflect it on my moms personality and her favorites colours.

Once that was done and dried (which didn’t take long at all!) I added varnish so that the box was smooth and glossy.  I then started typing up the reasons and printed them out. I kept it simple and cut out the rectangles, rolled them up, tied them up and added them into the box.


Hope you enjoyed, feel free to send me your final products!

Until tomorrow!