Recycled Snowmen!

Hey Guys!

Todays post is an activity that I did today with the kids that I LOVED to do it was super easy and the kids enjoyed it.

First off the materials

  • plastic water bottles any size
  • 1 marble, a spoon and maybe a bowl
  • white paint
  • pipe cleaners
  • cotton balls
  • felt cut into triangles
  • little eyes
  • small orange triangles (construction paper)


You can do this any way you want but here’s how I did it. I started with putting the white paint into the bottle put a good amount, I than added the marble and closed the bottle. The kids shook the bottle until the marble painted the inside completely (they loved this part), I removed the marble. They chose a pipe cleaner and tied it around they then glued on the eyes, nose and little felt hats, I added the cotton ball at the tip of the hat

And VOILA a snowman 🙂


Until next time,


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Color Block Puzzles

Hey again!

I was looking through some pictures and noticed I didn’t post this activity yet and I had the pictures I took for it. It’s pretty simple I take no CREDIT; I found it on Pinterest (link) and I followed it.

Here are the pictures I took to go with it!

The children really enjoyed the matching of colours, they even changed it up and just matched the pieces together. It kept them busy a good half hour! YAY me!

Materials used

  • Construction paper
  • Mega blocks/ Duplo
  • Marker

I traced the blocks with the marker on the construction paper and it’s ready!