Challenge 18- meaning of my blog name + random thoughts 

Hey guys 

Today’s challenge is small because there isn’t much to say, I’m using the free version of wordpress so my blog had title was one that was available it will change if ever I decide to buy (but I’ll keep that a secret! Haha) 

Since the challenge is over I felt like just writting today. Last week was a tough one for me professional wise. I knew it was coming it was no secret but when it’s when its actually official it hurts. The problem is small but its close to my heart, I will survive and get through it but it helps talking about it.. 

Almost 6 years ago I started working at this daycare, I started out as a replacement/student once I graduated I got a long term replacement (maternity leave) in the 3 year old group. When my collegues maternity was up she decided to work somewhere else and I was officially next in line for a permenant position I got it and kept the 3 year olds. Until now, 2 and a half years later someone with higher senority decides to take the group. Now thats not what bothers me I’m glad that I’m changing sort of haha I get to follow not only my group but my little one with special needs and get to see him progress more! It hurts because me and my collegue both made this class ours (my first real one!) we set it up they way we wanted it and had plans for it. Now it all changes for from what I heard maybe a year… she could’ve thoughed out another year until she got her single group, but she choose not to.. 

Again I know it’s a small thing but talking/writting about it helps. 

Take care! 


Feel free to leave me comments, I would getting to know those of you who like my posts! 🙂


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