Challenge 15- timeline of my day

Hey there! 

I apologized that I haven’t posted a challenge day for the past 3 days it has been a busy/ emotional week and instead of doing 3 at a time I’ll just pick up from here! 
So a typical weekday timeline would be 

7:15- I wake up after pushing snooze on my alarm for 45 mins haha 

7:30 – I leave for work (yes it takes me 15 mins to get ready, I work a daycare so I dont dress fancy) 

8:00/8:20- depending if I stop at Tims (ice caps all the wayyyy!) I arrive at work 

8:45-5:30 work! I do activities with the kiddies. 

6:15 – I’m home or at my moms (laundry day)  and usually I just relax after until bed, reading or a movie. Sometimes I also plan for work I do love my job! 

Thats it! Weekends its soccer and family/friend time, also being lazy haha 




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