Challenge 14 – if I won the lottery…

Hey there,

I like today’s challenge, I read it this morning and thought about it all day to have a good idea of what I want to write and it’s really simple.

I don’t see myself quitting my job and living the high life, that’s just not me. I was brought up to work for what I want and that it is more rewarding when you do than when it’s just handed to you.

I would get the important stuff out of the way, meaning putting ALL my balances to zero be debt free. Than I would help my parents, I know my mom could use it!

I would go back to school, I really want to now but the problem is it doesn’t fit in my budget and this would help.

After all that I would love to travel a little to experience new things, but I will always come back and get back to my daily life.

That’s it!

Stay tuned I’ll have a dessert recipe going up later tonight or tomorrow.



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