Challenge 18- meaning of my blog name + random thoughts 

Hey guys 

Today’s challenge is small because there isn’t much to say, I’m using the free version of wordpress so my blog had title was one that was available it will change if ever I decide to buy (but I’ll keep that a secret! Haha) 

Since the challenge is over I felt like just writting today. Last week was a tough one for me professional wise. I knew it was coming it was no secret but when it’s when its actually official it hurts. The problem is small but its close to my heart, I will survive and get through it but it helps talking about it.. 

Almost 6 years ago I started working at this daycare, I started out as a replacement/student once I graduated I got a long term replacement (maternity leave) in the 3 year old group. When my collegues maternity was up she decided to work somewhere else and I was officially next in line for a permenant position I got it and kept the 3 year olds. Until now, 2 and a half years later someone with higher senority decides to take the group. Now thats not what bothers me I’m glad that I’m changing sort of haha I get to follow not only my group but my little one with special needs and get to see him progress more! It hurts because me and my collegue both made this class ours (my first real one!) we set it up they way we wanted it and had plans for it. Now it all changes for from what I heard maybe a year… she could’ve thoughed out another year until she got her single group, but she choose not to.. 

Again I know it’s a small thing but talking/writting about it helps. 

Take care! 


Feel free to leave me comments, I would getting to know those of you who like my posts! 🙂


Challenge 17 – my proudest moment!

Hey guys! 

This one I’m going to do it a little differently  I’m going to write a couple of my proudest moments. 

One of the first ones was graduating college, I hit a rough patch but I stuck through it and got my diploma! 

Moving out on my own sure most people do it but for me it was a milestone, I moved out alone, taking that step and I haven’t regreted it yet.

My job life has been great I have had the opportunity to work with a child that has special needs and since September he has come a long way and that is in my top proudest moments! 

Take care!


P.S I’m watching One Love Manchester and it’s inspiring! I stand with Manchester! Xo


Challenge 16 – the top of my bucket list!

Hey guys! 

Lets not comment on how bad I am at actually following the challenge, it’s a lot harder to remember than I thought! 

The top thing on my bucket list.. I never really made one beforw but the top thing I want out of my life is a family. I work with kids everyday and to have some of my own would be it. All it the ups and down the milestones big ones and small ones I am excited for it. For me to achieve that I need to be set in my life first and I’m getting there, stable job, debt shrinking, paying my bills on time with no worries. Slowly but surely I achieve that goal. 

See you later! 



Challenge 15- timeline of my day

Hey there! 

I apologized that I haven’t posted a challenge day for the past 3 days it has been a busy/ emotional week and instead of doing 3 at a time I’ll just pick up from here! 
So a typical weekday timeline would be 

7:15- I wake up after pushing snooze on my alarm for 45 mins haha 

7:30 – I leave for work (yes it takes me 15 mins to get ready, I work a daycare so I dont dress fancy) 

8:00/8:20- depending if I stop at Tims (ice caps all the wayyyy!) I arrive at work 

8:45-5:30 work! I do activities with the kiddies. 

6:15 – I’m home or at my moms (laundry day)  and usually I just relax after until bed, reading or a movie. Sometimes I also plan for work I do love my job! 

Thats it! Weekends its soccer and family/friend time, also being lazy haha 



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Boston Cream Cupcakes!

Hey there,

So I’ve made my first recipe that I’ve decided to share with you guys! Everyone loves cupcakes haha. I’ll put the link here of where I got the recipe.

Its pretty simple what I used:

  • 1 Box of yellow cake mix (Duncan Hines)
  • Whip Cream (need about a cup and a half)
  • A box of Instant Vanilla pudding
  • A bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of cold milk

How I made them:

  • Start off by making the cupcakes, follow the simple recipe on the box and once ready I just left them on the counter to cool off.
  • Next we have the cream part. Start with your pudding mix and milk, while stirring add half a cup of whip cream. Mine came out looking like this: IMG_2314.JPG
  • After I was done I put it in the fridge and went back to my cupcakes, on the recipe it says to cut them in half horizontally, smart me tried to cut it with the wrapper on haha. IMG_2313.JPG
  • What I did next was the chocolate mix; I mixed the cup of whip cream with half a bag of chocolate chip… okay okay maybe 3/4s of the bag was added. I like my chocolate. I put it in the microwave for 1min and 30 secs, but after 40 seconds it was liquid and perfect. 😉 IMG_2316.JPG
  • Lastly I took my pudding mix added it to the middle of the cupcakes and then added the top with some chocolate icing. They looked good if I do say so myself:






    I placed them in the fridge over night and they were a Hit at the potluck/meeting I had at work!

If you make them let me know what you think!


Disclaimer: I do not own this recipe at all 🙂

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Color Block Puzzles

Hey again!

I was looking through some pictures and noticed I didn’t post this activity yet and I had the pictures I took for it. It’s pretty simple I take no CREDIT; I found it on Pinterest (link) and I followed it.

Here are the pictures I took to go with it!

The children really enjoyed the matching of colours, they even changed it up and just matched the pieces together. It kept them busy a good half hour! YAY me!

Materials used

  • Construction paper
  • Mega blocks/ Duplo
  • Marker

I traced the blocks with the marker on the construction paper and it’s ready!



Challenge 14 – if I won the lottery…

Hey there,

I like today’s challenge, I read it this morning and thought about it all day to have a good idea of what I want to write and it’s really simple.

I don’t see myself quitting my job and living the high life, that’s just not me. I was brought up to work for what I want and that it is more rewarding when you do than when it’s just handed to you.

I would get the important stuff out of the way, meaning putting ALL my balances to zero be debt free. Than I would help my parents, I know my mom could use it!

I would go back to school, I really want to now but the problem is it doesn’t fit in my budget and this would help.

After all that I would love to travel a little to experience new things, but I will always come back and get back to my daily life.

That’s it!

Stay tuned I’ll have a dessert recipe going up later tonight or tomorrow.